Poll Everywhere

For Professors

Poll Everywhere software allows real-time polling of your students with instant graphical feedback on your slides. There are many useful benefits of live polling ranging from simply getting students’ attention to team-work, gaming, grading, and attendance. All Business School students have access to this software.  The plugin that allows creation of Poll Everywhere slides in PowerPoint can be found below:

All Business School classrooms have the plugin pre-installed on the PC in the room, and can also be run from your own device!

For Students (or any participants)

All incoming students in the MBA, EMBA and MS programs receive access to Poll Everywhere as a respondent. This can be used with any standard web browser via https://polleverywhere.gsb.columbia.edu/, or through smartphone apps available from the links below:

Getting Help

For support please contact your ITG support team, or Multimedia Services at 212-854-3695, or [email protected]