For Professors

TurningPoint software allows real-time polling of your students or audience with instant graphical feedback on your slides. There are many useful benefits of live polling ranging from simply getting students’ attention to team-work, gaming, grading, and attendance. All Business School students are issued clickers and are instructed to bring them to class.

New version combines PPT and Anywhere polling - Contact MMG or Facsup to learn the basics, or see the Tutorial videos below.

Access to Response Cards (clickers):
All incoming students in the MBA, EMBA and MS programs receive a clicker as standard equipment and will be expected to keep it for the duration of their MBA career.

All Business School classrooms are equipped with TurningPoint receivers as standard equipment and the software is installed on the classroom PCs.

For support please contact your regular ITG support person, or Multimedia Services at 212-854-1962, or mmgroup@gsb.columbia.edu

For Students

Buy a replacement clicker
Your clicker is a loaner while you are enrolled here. We hope you will return it for future students. If you lose your clicker, a new one can be purchased for $30 and picked up at the ITG helpdesk using this form: Buy Replacement Clicker

The Student Technology Center will change your clicker registration for you at pickup. Your current registered clicker number will be available in Angel's course rosters. Your lost clicker will remain registered to you as inactive. If found, you may keep it as a spare, but we will not be issuing refunds.

Found a lost clicker?
If a clicker is found, its registered user can be identified using this form: Lost Clicker

For in depth information on using the TurningPoint software and for general product support, visit the Turning Technologies web page: http://www.turningtechnologies.com/

Please feel free to contact Multimedia for more information at (212) 854-1962 mmgroup@gsb.columbia.edu