Echo360 Course Recordings


Echo360 is the lecture capture platform for Columbia Business School. It is installed in all Business School classrooms, and automatically records and livestreams classes as they occur. After class, the livestream is processed and made available approximately 1-8 hours later, depending on the length of the recording. Please note that faculty can choose to delay the availability of recordings for editing and approval.

Through Canvas

Students can access their Echo360 recordings by logging into Canvas and navigating to an enrolled class and selecting the "Echo360" tab in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. From here, students can view any completed recordings made available by their professor or Teaching Assistant. Any livestreams currently active for that course will also be displayed in Canvas, allowing for synchronous observation of the class for remote students.

Through or App

After a student has accessed Echo360 through Canvas for the first time, in any course, they will also be able to directly log in via. and its associated mobile app (available for Android or Apple devices).


Student access to course recordings expires at the conclusion of each semester. Direct downloads of recordings are not allowed without professor approval and configuration, but offline viewing of recordings is available within the Echo360 mobile app.


Echo360 recordings are automatically scheduled one week before each semester begins by the Multimedia Group. After the start of the semester, any ad-hoc room changes or special sessions that are not part of the official course schedule (such as Review Sessions) should be arranged by faculty members via. their Departmental Assistant or directly with the Multimedia Group at least 48 hours before the start of the recording.

Is a Recording Underway?

Faculty can confirm if a recording is currently underway by checking the lectern touchpanel within the classroom. On the lower-left side of the touchpanel screen a display will alert faculty if a recording is currently underway or is about to start. The touchpanel will begin counting down to an upcoming recording ten minutes before it is scheduled to begin.

If you feel a recording is being missed, please call (do not email) our emergency support line at (212) 854-6094.

What Is Recorded?

Unlike Zoom, the Echo360 lecture capture system records two streams simultaneously: a live camera view of the room, as well as a customizable content stream. The camera stream always originates from the camera located at the rear of the classroom pointing toward the front lectern. The content stream always records the last-selected input on the touchpanel.

For example, if the last button you selected on the touchpanel was "HDMI", the system will stream a high-resolution feed of any laptop or tablet plugged into the HDMI cable on the lectern. If the last button you selected was "PC1", the built-in PC desktop will be recorded. Selecting "blank screen" on both displays will also blank the content stream (but the rear camera stream and in-room audio will remain recording). You can confirm what input is being recorded by checking the lower-left corner of the lectern touchpanel.

In-room audio is continuously recorded via. the gooseneck microphone at the lectern and the in-ceiling microphones, in addition to any active wireless microphones.

Echo360 streams cannot be paused or muted. If you wish to have more control over what portions of the class are available for viewing in the official class recording, please refer to the editing section below.

Copyrighted Content

All Echo360 streams follow HDCP content protection standards. This means that Echo360 recordings will temporarily mute themselves if any content-protected media is played during a class recording. This includes video content played over HBOMax, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu or audio played over a music streaming service such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, or YouTube Music. The recording will unmute itself after you close the web browser used to play this content. While content protection is active, the rear camera and in-room microphones will continue to record as normal.

Customizing Your Preferences

Be sure to update your preferences at least one week before the semester starts by completing our Echo360 Preferences form.

Recording. Faculty teaching core courses must record and live-stream their classes. Faculty teaching elective courses may opt-out of recordings on a case-by-case basis by completing the form linked above.

Publishing. In Echo360, the term "published" relates to the linking of a specific recording to a specific course and section. All scheduled classes have their recordings auto-published to their respective courses within Canvas. A published recording does not necessarily mean that a recording is available for students to view; only that it has been assigned to a class and section and that any professors and TAs for that course have editing and availability access (see below).

Availability. By default, all completed course recordings are made available for students to view immediately after processing (1-8 hours after the livestream ends). Faculty may opt to have recordings be unplayable until they or a Teaching Assistant manually makes them available. This option is primarily used if you wish to edit or double-check your recordings before making them available to view by students. You can learn more about manually making recordings available or unavailable in the editing section below.


All Faculty and Teaching Assistants can edit lecture capture content. The recording will be visible via. the Echo360 tab on the course page in canvas. When the file finishes processing (1-8 hours after class ends, depending on the length of the recording), faculty and TAs may click on the play button , which will open a drop-down menu. Select "Edit Video" to begin editing content.

A complete user tutorial on video editing is available on the official Echo360 website.

Changing Availability

Faculty and TAs may wish to make recordings unplayable by students. If you customized your preferences before the semester began, your completed recordings may automatically start out unplayable by students unless you allow it. This is referred to as making a recording available or unavailable.

You can quickly check the availability of all your recordings by going to the Echo360 tab in Canvas. All recordings that are playable by students will be marked with a green play icon . All recordings that are unplayable by students will be marked with a gray play icon . Note that while unavailable recordings cannot be played by students, they remain visible within the course's Echo360 recording list with a grayed-out play button.

Faculty and teaching assistants can change the availability of a recording. To do so, click on the green play icon next to the recording, which will open up a drop-down menu. Select either "Make Available" or "Make Unavailable" as needed.

Please note that using the Canvas "view as student" function will always result in an error being displayed in Echo360, due to an incompatibility between Canvas and Echo360. Use the color-coding feature described above to confirm visibility instead.