Video Production

ITG's Multimedia Services Group(MMG) provides a wide variety of services and support for producing and hosting all types of video and audio content. With a combination of in-house, University, and contracted expertise available, MMG can coordinate projects of any size to provide the media products and services you need.

Full Service Video Hosting

MMG can intake your content from any existing format to one suitable for online viewing and provide you with links for making your content available from the location of your choice. Have videos that you’ve made that you’d like to have more visibility? ITG is pleased to announce, aka the “MediaSpace” platform, which enhances our existing Kaltura enterprise video service. Think of it as YouTube, but targeted at CBS-only constituencies with a nearly unlimited capacity to store and serve video. We have launched the general framework, but we need your content to help populate it! Videos can appear in MediaSpace for searchability, anywhere on the web you’d like for integration with existing sites, and we have partnered with Samberg to expand the options for incorporating video into your Canvas courses.


Do you have the material to fill a regular broadcast about your center or department? Whether it's a daily news report or a brown bag lunch series, MMG can provide you with the expertise, tools, and infrastructure to produce a monthly, weekly, or even daily podcast.

Media Studio

The Media Studio is the Business School's live link to global media markets. With HD connections to virtually every cable and broadcast television network on the globe, the Media Studio is the Business School's direct connection to the Business world. As events are taking place, Business School faculty and other experts can be pulled live into the media outlets covering them.

When not on the air, the Media Studio serves as our home base for video post production on other projects. Read more (new page needs to be created for this section) about the Media Studio.

Event Media Production

Having a Conference or special guest presentation? MMG can capture your event for posterity and prepare a polished finished product complete with your Center or Department branding. ITG offers a variety of web-base conferencing platform, highlighting Zoom for the past several years, with great success to bring guest speakers and VIPs from around the world straight into your classroom. ITG also offers the ability to hold “blended presence” sessions in Uris 307, where students can participate in an event either in person or virtually, interacting naturally with professors and peers simultaneously. It’s great for review sessions! Whether you want to reach two or 10,000 people live, 1:1, 1:many or many:1, in-class or for other events, we have services and facilities to meet your needs. Everything produced can be hosted on the MediaSpace platform for maximum visibility.

Video Post Production

MMG can work with you to produce instructional materials for your course, from documentary out-takes to full feature interactive Case Studies. We can also produce marketing or training materials for your Center or Department. From live “on the air” interviews with VIPs you've brought in to promo videos for your upcoming electives, flipping the classroom to case studies, our video production team can work with you to create high quality material for your teaching needs and general professional presence. Most services are either free to you or heavily subsidized by the School depending on the amount of production and post-production required.

Instructional Materials Production

Do you need an interactive instructional tool to use in your course to help convey a difficult concept or fully illuminate a topic? Depending on the scope of the project, MMG can work with you directly or guide your collaboration with CaseWorks or the University's CTL to develop lasting materials that will bring value to your course.

Contact the Multimedia Services Group ( or 212-854-3695) with any questions about media content production.