How to forward your GSB emails

While email forwarding is possible from your GSB email account, it is required that users forwarding their GSB email to external email accounts keep a copy of all emails in their GSB system. CBS recommends against forwarding GSB emails to other accounts, but if a valid need to forward your GSB email account is required, please follow instructions below:

1- Open a browser and go to the following address: 

2- After authentication is successful, click "Settings" (Upper-right corner gear wheel icon)


3- Click "View all Outlook settings"

4- Click on "Forwarding"

5- Please make sure to select checkbox "Keep a copy of forwarded messages" and click the "Save" button.


Please contact your support team if you habe any questions of if you require further assistance.

ITG Faculty Support: You may contact your designated Support Specialist  via e-mail or by phone at (212) 854-6097.