CBS Digital Casebook (iPads)

Digital Casebook Off-Boarding

During the on-boarding process, CBS students in certain programs are given an iPad bundle which serves as a digital casebook. As you make the transition from being a student to an alumna/alumnus on graduation, you will have 90 days after your degree has been conferred to save any data local to your iPad that you would like to keep. After backing up any needed data, you will be able to format your iPad back to factory settings – to configure it as if you had just purchased it at the Apple store.  If you do not format it during the 90 days, at the end of this grace period your iPad will be automatically formatted and removed from all Columbia affiliation. It is very important that you make sure all data has been saved prior to that deadline. The sections below will give you details on each of the tasks involved in this offboarding process.

If you’re using the CBS OneDrive account, you will lose access to your CBS Microsoft account (which includes OneDrive) 90 days after your degree has been conferred. Please make sure to save your data from your student Microsoft account to another storage solution well ahead of the deadline, to avoid data loss.

I. Backing Up Data on a CBS Casebook (RECOMMENDED)

To back up your GoodNotes:
1. In the Documents overview, click on the gear symbol in the upper right corner and select Settings.
2. Select Automatic backup.
3. Toggle to the Auto-Backup switch to open additional options.
4. Select Cloud Storage and choose Google Drive. You can use your personal or school Google account.

To back up your local files: We suggest saving your files to Google Drive.
1. Open up the Google Drive app on your iPad.
2. Tap the + icon.
3. Find and tap files you want to upload.

II. Formatting your CBS Casebook back to Factory/Retail iPad State:

Format/Reformat/Reset iPad

All data local to the device and all CBS restrictions and apps will be deleted/removed in this process. This cannot be reverted.

If you need to reset your iPad and you know your passcode, then please use the link below and follow instructions to Wipe all content and settings from the iPad. If you forgot your passcode, then please use the link below and follow instructions to Use a computer to wipe all contents and settings from the iPad.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ITG Student Support: [email protected], Slack: #itg_student_support