Information and Infrastructure Committee

The Information and Infrastructure Committee (IIC) includes the Student Government's Chief of Staff, who chairs the committee, and the Information & Infrastructure representatives from each cluster, along with members of ITG, Office of Student Affairs, Operations and the Business Library. The Committee meets monthly during the Fall and Spring semesters.

The charge of the Information and Infrastructure Committee is to:

  • Meet as a group at least once a month to discuss problems and opportunities seen in the clusters
  • Strategize about how to steer the Business School toward better use of technology and infrastructure.
  • Act as liaison to/from students concerning computing and infrastructure matters within the School
  • Assist ITG in identifying and prioritizing technology initiatives
  • Promote implementation of and adherence to IT policies and procedures among the students

Students are encouraged to contact their Information and Infrastructure Committee cluster representative (their Tech Rep) with any ideas or concerns regarding computing at CBS.