Laptop Buying Tips

Following these tips can be the deciding factor between a slight frustration and a major upset as a new laptop user.

The Big Choice of Weight vs. Everything Else

As a student, the weight of a laptop is important. With academic demands dictating that you carry a laptop most times while on campus, you'll find yourself leaning toward lesser weight for mobility.

Type of Laptop


Battery Life



2-4 lbs

5+ hours

Typically smaller than 14"

Mainstream Laptops

5 lbs

up to 4.5 hours

Typically close to 14"

Desktop Replacement Laptops

7 lbs

7+ hours

Typically 15" or higher



A good warranty is critical, so don't skimp. It is recommended to obtain a computer warranty for the duration of your Business School program, typically 2 years.

Operating System

Minimum Requirements

Recommended Plan


2 Year Standard Support

3 Year Next Business Day, On-site Enhanced Support


2 Year AppleCare Protection Plan

3 Year AppleCare Protection Plan


Wireless Networking

802.11n is the more common standard, however, if possible we recommend the newer/more capable 802.11ac. Do not purchase a laptop that doesn't have one of these wireless network cards built-in. In addition, as you consider a new laptop, you should take into consideration the below information on our wireless infrastructure.

The manufacturer of our wireless access points has issued a list of interoperable wireless devices and their chipset/driver version combinations that have been confirmed by their quality assurance team to work with their wireless access points.


Wired Networking

You will need a USB-to-Ethernet adapter in order to use a wired network connection on your Ultra-light PC, Netbook, or newer Macbooks. Business School classrooms in Uris Hall and Warren Hall are equipped with ethernet ports at the desks for a solid internet connection.


Brand Matters

Just take a look at these latest numbers from Gartner.

Statistic: Quarterly market share of personal computer (PC) shipments worldwide from 2011 to 2021, by vendor | StatistaClick to see full data