CBS Virtual Private Networking

Columbia University offers a Virtual Private Networking solution, or VPN for short, allowing your computer to connect to Columbia's network from anywhere in the world as if it was on campus. The VPN solution provided by Columbia University utilizes Cisco AnyConnect software. Full details and instructions are available on Columbia University Information Technologies' VPN information is the server name.

Before You VPN - Set Up Duo

Accessing Columbia University's VPN requires Multi-Factor Authentication using Duo. When accessing VPN resources, at the prompt for a second password, type "Push" to push an approval request to your connected device.CUIT VPN Duo Prompt

Getting Started - Desktop/Laptop Computer

If you are using a CBS issued computer, Cisco AnyConnect will already have been installed.  Open the software, enter in the address bar and click Connect. Enter your UNI, password, and "push" for the second password.

From a non-CBS computer:

  1. Log in to to download the desktop client.
  2. When asked for a second password, type "PUSH".
  3. Click "AnyConnect" on the left-hand side.
  4. Click "Start AnyConnect" and download the installer.
  5. Run the installer.

Step-by-step VPN installation instructions are available.

Getting Started - Mobile Device

  • iOS: Visit the App Store, download and install the Cisco AnyConnect app. Enter for the server name.
  • Android: Visit the Google Play Store, download and install the Cisco AnyConnect ICS+ app. Enter for the server name.

Upgrade Behavior

Upon connecting to a network, the AnyConnect client will automatically upgrade if a newer version is being presented by the VPN host. After the upgrade the client will continue connecting to the secure network without any further client interaction.