Annual Leadership Conference

About the Annual Leadership Conference

Each year, the Bernstein Center hosts an annual leadership conference which brings together prominent researchers, business practitioners, faculty members, students, alumni and the greater Columbia community to discuss and explore timely and relevant issues regarding leadership and ethics across a variety of industries. 

In the past, our conferences have focused on broader issues embedded within corporate social responsibility, values-based leadership, and corporate governance, and included such nuanced discussions surrounding inclusive growth, social economics, privacy and big data, diversity, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and governmental regulation to name a few.  Our aim is to present a variety of viewpoints and opinions from practitioners across the professions — including law, business, medicine, engineering, science and academia- in order to present a holistic and didactical experience for all. 

For the 2017-18 academic year, we will be coordinating a year-long speaker series focused on Disruptive Innovations and Ethical Dilemmas in Business