Spring 2019 Events

January 23: Alumni Student Leadership and Ethics Board Breakfast Roundtable

February 5: Reuben Mark Leadership Series Dinner with Bruce Sewell, Former Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Apple Inc., co-sponsored by Columbia Law School

February 6: #EthicsMatters Fireside Chat with Tyler Shultz, Former Whistleblower at Theranos, CEO and Co-Founder of Flux Biosciences, Inc., and Kyle Hartman '19, sponsored by SLEB

February 12: FinTech Innovation Panel Discussion, sponsored by SLEB

February 14: Leadership and Ethics: Military in Business Speaker Series with Tim Kopra '13, Partner at Blue Bear Capital, LLC; Former Astronaut at NASA; and Former U.S. Army Officer; co-sponsored by MiBA

February 15: 4th Annual CBS - West Point Leadership and Ethics Exchange, co-sponsored by SLEB and MiBA

February 20: The Strategic Relationship Between General Counsels and C-Suite Executives Panel Discussion, co-sponsored by Columbia Law School and Reuben Mark Initiative for Organizational Character and Leadership

February 21: The Invisible Heart Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion, co-sponsored by SLEB and LISC

February 22: AlleyCon Student Tech Conference, sponsored by Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization, FinTech Club, Venture Capital Club, Data Analytics Club, and Technology Business Group, in conjunction with the Media and Technology Program

February 25: Under The Tree Series with Professor Christian Moser, sponsored by SLEB

March 13-14: 11th Annual Global Ethics Summit, sponsored by Ethisphere

March 22: In It Together Panel Discussion

March 27: Reuben Mark Leadership Series Breakfast with Doug Satzman, CEO of Joe Coffee Company, co-sponsored by Columbia Law School

April 5-7: The Aspen Institute's Business & Society International MBA Case Competition, co-sponsored by OSA

April 8-12: Leadership and Ethics Week, sponsored by SLEB

April 9: 'WorldCom 16 Years Later, Has Corporate Governance Really Changed As A Result of Sarbanes-Oxley,' co-sponsored by The Finance Division at Columbia Business School

April 10: Montrone Seminar Series with Janine Racanelli, CEO of Dalio Family Office, sponsored by SLEB

April 18: Reuben Mark Leadership Series Luncheon with Elaine Paik '92, Vice President and Corporate Treasurer of Colgate Palmolive Company, co-sponsored by Columbia Law School

April 25: Women's Business Leadership in Tech Conference, emceed by Professor Katherine W. Phillips

May 10: Ascend Summit Women in Leadership Conference, co-sponsored by The Global Brand Center and Palisades Media Venture