Spring 2020 Events

February 4: Reuben Mark Organizational Leadership Series Dinner with Colin Stretch, Former Vice President & General Counsel, Facebook, co-sponsored by Columbia Law School

February 11: Leadership Co-Curricular Series on Business Improv: Talking in Teams, co-sponsored by Leadership Lab & Office of Student Affairs

February 12: Reuben Mark Organizational Leadership Series Luncheon with Colin Stretch, Former Vice President & General Counsel, Facebook, co-sponsored by Columbia Law School

February 20: Becoming a Change Agent at Spotify with Isa Notermans, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Spotify, co-sponsored by CBS Reflects, Career Management Center, and Black Business Student Association

February 21: 5th Annual CBS-West Point Leadership and Ethics Exchange at West Point

February 24: The Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics honoring Rose Marcario, President & Chief Executive Officer, Patagonia, Inc.

March 2: Leadership Co-Curricular Series on Building Your Personal Brand with Hitendra Wadhwa, co-sponsored by Leadership Lab

March 5: CEO & General Counsel Conversation Series

March 7: #EthicsMatters Discussion on Corporate Social Activism: Who Is Driving It?, sponsored by SLEB

March 30: Under The Tree Series with Laura Boudreau on Transforming Factory Conditions for Workers, sponsored by SLEB

April 7: Leadership Co-Curricular Series on Learn to Leverage Your Network with Professor Dan Wang, co-sponsored by Leadership Lab

April 13-17: Leadership and Ethics Week 2020, sponsored by SLEB

April 16: Leadership Co-Curricular Series on Finding Your Purpose Through Work with Nell Derick Debevoise '12, co-sponsored by Leadership Lab

April 29: #EthicsMatters Discussion on Should Employers Help Pay Down Student Loans?, sponsored by SLEB

May 1: The Balancing Act of Leading Through a Crisis, sponsored by the Reuben Mark Initiative for Organizational Character and Leadership

May 4: Leading Through a Crisis: A Fireside Chat with Dr. Roy Vagelos ‘54PS , co-sponsored by Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program

June 10: Winning Now, Winning Later Discussion with Dave Cote, Former CEO and Chairman of Honeywell International, co-sponsored by The W. Edwards Deming Center for Quality, Productivity, and Competitiveness; and Leadership Lab