Research Briefs for Leaders

The Bernstein Center shares its Faculty Leaders' research through digestible summaries that highlight real-world applications for leaders.

Fast and Ethical: Breaking the Speed Limit on Responsible Content Recommendations 

Sponsored by The Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics

February 2022 — In “Scaling up Ranking under Constraints for Live Recommendations by Replacing Optimization with Prediction,” Columbia Business School PhD candidate and Bernstein Research Grant recipient Yegor Tkachenko, along with co-authors Wassim Dhaouadi (Stanford University) and Professor Kamel Jedidi (Columbia Business School), focus on digital platforms and a new, predictive approach to generate ethical content recommendations. The team highlights the importance of the user experience in regard to page-load speeds, and created their algorithm to work without perceptible slowdowns.

Money Isn't Everything: The Value of Non-Pay Attributes at Work 

Sponsored by The Reuben Mark Initiative for Organizational Character and Leadership

June 2021 — In “The Gender Pay Gap: Micro Sources and Macro Consequences,” Christian Moser, Bernstein Faculty Leader at Columbia Business School, focuses on gender equity in the labor market. Moser highlights the value both men and women place on non-pay attributes, such as benefits, hours flexibility, and parental leave, to illustrate that salary imbalance is only a portion of the gender pay gap controversy. See coverage in Thomson Reuters Foundation News

Breaking Down Barriers: Encouraging Board Diversity Through Turnover 

Sponsored by The Reuben Mark Initiative for Organizational Character and Leadership

March 2021 — In “Diversity Through Turnover: How to Overcome the Glacial Pace Toward Board Diversity?,” Wei Jiang, Bernstein Faculty Leader at Columbia Business School, provides an overview of recent developments in the gender diversity of U.S. corporate boards. Jiang highlights lack of board turnover as a key factor in the slow adjustment as well as proxy contests, which conversely contribute to improved gender diversity on boards. See coverage in Corporate Knights