Diversity and Inclusion for All

Housed under the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics, “Diversity and Inclusion for All” is led by Katherine Phillips, Senior Vice Dean and Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics, in collaboration with Professors Joan Williams of UC Hastings School of Law, Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw of Columbia Law School and UCLA Law, and Susan Sturm of Columbia Law. The working group brings together researchers from business, law, psychology and sociology as well as senior business executives to build a comprehensive understanding of how to address diversity and inclusion efforts in organizations in order to pursue research projects.


As organizations in all sectors become increasingly global, the significance of identifying the value of diversity continues to grow. Of equal importance is addressing diversity through a lens that takes multiple characteristics into consideration, e.g., race and gender, sexual orientation, generational differences, and disabilities. Indeed, systematic research in the area of diversity and inclusion that focuses on the underlying psychology and sociology of difference has the potential to transform our understanding of diversity issues, shape diversity policy, impact law reform, and change academic and research practices. Furthermore, it has the potential to improve how any company implements diversity processes and initiatives that are customized to meet the needs of all members in its workforce.

By understanding the underlying causes of diversity concerns in the workplace, initiatives that target the enduring root causes of the problem, instead of the shorter-term salient symptoms, are desperately needed in this arena. This initiative seeks to comprehensively explore this most timely and relevant subject.