James W. Kuhn

James Kuhn

Professor emeritus of Columbia Business School
B.A., Harvard 1949; M.A., Yale, 1950; Ph.D., 1954; LL.D., Linfield, 1969.

A 1951 Fulbright Scholar, Kuhn was one of the creators of the ethics content in Columbia Business School's curriculum. Formerly the Courtney C. Brown Professor of Management and Organization, he chaired the University Seminar “Ethics in Business,” which attracted the participation of business leaders and scholars from across the country. A leader in the field of ethics, he coauthored papers and books including: Beyond Success: Business Managers and Their Critics in the Nineties, Values of a Business Society: Principles and Issues, and Economic Justice within Environmental Limits.

Kuhn was also a Ford Fellow and senior staff economist, President’s Council of Economic Advisors. He taught at Pomona College, University of Oregon, Stanford University as well as at Columbia Business School.