Miguel Schloss

Miguel Schloss is the Managing Partner of DAMConsult, which has offices in Washington D.C. and Santiago, Chile. DAMConsult is a boutique consulting firm focused on emerging markets and facilitating cross-border business development, by securing financing for its clients from Multilateral Development Banks and export Financing Agencies.

Schloss was previously the Executive Director of Transparency International (Berlin, Germany), responsible to the Chairman and Board for Latin America, Africa, and Middle East, including expansion of operations by 36 local offices and 16 contact representatives, and overall financial management of the organization. Prior to this he worked at the World Bank Group in various positions including: Division Chief of Corporate & Budget Planning; Division Chief of Industry & Energy (Africa); and Telecommunications & Mining (world wide). He has published over 20 articles in major international journals and contributions to books dealing with issues of governance, strategies, budgets, planning financial and banking restructuring, energy policies, industrial development, telecommunications, and economic and development policies.