Lord John Browne on the Roles of Business in Society

Ethics and Leadership News | December 20, 2004

Acceptance speech for the 2004 Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics.

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IBS Events Explore Corruption, Corporate Governance and Individual Choices

Ethics and Leadership News | November 18, 2004

Discussion on Emerging Markets and Corruption, and Corporate Governance and the Changing Role of Today's Boards.

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Executive MBA Program Announces Fall IBS Speakers

Ethics and Leadership News | October 15, 2004

Speakers address Corporate Governance and Sarbanes Oxley.

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Robert Amen '73 Lectures Students on "Enlightened Capitalism"

Ethics and Leadership News | October 1, 2004

Robert Amen ’73, president of International Paper speaks on ethical issues facing the company around the world.

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Corporate Social Responsibility and the Bottom Line

Ethics and Leadership News | September 17, 2004

Business leaders representing the pharmaceutical and paper industries discuss the tradeoffs between profitability and social responsibility.

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The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Too Little, Too Far, or Just Enough?

Ethics and Leadership News | September 17, 2004

Commissioners Paul Atkins and Harvey Goldschmid of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) join Dean Hubbard in a panel discussion.

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The Individual, Business and Society Curriculum Launches with Debate of Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Ethics and Leadership News | August 24, 2004

Discussion kicks off a new School-wide curriculum titled the Individual, Business, and Society: Tradeoffs, Choices and Accountability.

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Whole Foods Founder Offers New Business Paradigm

Ethics and Leadership News | March 31, 2004

John Mackey, founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market addresses students.

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William McDonough Wins Botwinick Prize for Ethics

Ethics and Leadership News | October 23, 2003

By Zev Greenfield '05, Bottom Line.

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