Welcome Message from the SLEB Chairs


By Michelle Ferber '20 and Charles Gariepy '20, MBA SLEB Co-Chairs
September 10, 2019

Hello Bernstein Center Community! We are Michelle Ferber and Charles Gariepy, and we’re the new Co-Chairs for the Student Leadership and Ethics Board. As we look ahead to next year, we’re not only excited to find new ways of engaging the CBS community in conversations around leadership and ethics, but building on the successes of years past.

Last year alone, we were lucky to work with our incredible team to produce events like an #EthicsMatters Fireside Chat with Tyler Shultz, the Theranos whistleblower; a Montrone Seminar Dinner with Janine Racanelli, CEO of Dalio Family Office and Executive Director of Dalio Foundation; and Guillermo Tagle, the Executive Chairman of Credicorp Capital Chile. We expanded a series called “Under the Tree,” which brings students and professors into candid dialogue about topics ranging from creating dynamic teams to socialism in an American context. Leadership and Ethics Week, the annual event organized by SLEB, included various panels and speakers from industries as far reaching as media, health, technology, and real estate. In the classroom, our team has been working with faculty to revise and implement a stronger curriculum around Individual, Business, and Society, which incorporates valuable ethics training into each of the courses in the Columbia Core.

Next year, as the topic of ethics grows in visibility from its impact on business to international politics, digital privacy, and society at large, we’re excited to continue building programming that reflects the far-reaching implications of these issues on our lives and work at Columbia Business School. Our goals for the Student Leadership and Ethics Board in 2020 emphasize three core values: energy, connectivity, and provocation. We know that by building a stronger bond with club-life on campus, it can energize our student body and increase our impact. Where other professional clubs may shy away from discussing key issues and concerns related to the major players in their industries, SLEB can and should provide a platform for difficult discussions of ethics in every context. The diversity of our group, as well as the student body, ensures we can bring a dynamic approach to these vital discussions in the new year.

With these tenets in mind, we’ll spend the summer in planning mode. We’re excited to keep you looped into the conversation and draw from your vast knowledge and experience to help us execute our agenda.  Supported by our community of alums and The Bernstein Center at large, we’re committed to driving SLEB’s mission forward and bringing these essential conversations to life at Columbia Business School. 

 We’re committed to driving SLEB’s mission forward and bringing these essential conversations to life at Columbia Business School.”


By Shravalya “Shravy” Valet '20, EMBA Board Chair
September 10, 2019

Hello Columbia Business School and Bernstein Center Community!

My name is Shravalya “Shravy” Valet, and I’m the Chair of the Columbia Business School Executive MBA Student Leadership and Ethics Board (SLEB).

Last year, I acted to the best of my ability towards accomplishing the goals I had set last Fall. I promise to continue with such enthusiasm over the next year at not only realizing my personal goals for SLEB, but also the overall mission of leadership and ethics at Columbia Business School and that of the Bernstein Center.

My goal as Chair is to support members in their pursuit for encouraging ethics and leadership at CBS. EMBA SLEB members provide the unique value proposition of currently holding impactful leadership roles in their respective industries – from healthcare and non-profit organizations to finance and architecture. This year, each member will develop and implement an individual goal tailored to how they can bring to light the leadership and ethics dilemmas they currently face in their industries to the greater CBS Community.

As EMBA students, we bring experience and current leading industry standards to CBS that is of great value to the community, both for the EMBA and MBA audience. Capitalizing on this and utilizing our collective experiences, the EMBA SLEB will set in motion plans to improve the CBS curriculum and co-curricular activities. For example taking on a data collection effort of the case studies from core and evaluate the rigor we place as a program on the ethical and moral implications as well as the content of the case studies themselves.

We will also expand on our goal from last year, which was to get everyone in EMBA talking about ethics and how it affects their business/careers with their peers at least once before they graduate. To help achieve this goal, we started #EthicsMatters conversations last year which were extremely well-received and individual CBS members, EMBA and MBA programs alike, experienced the value of such small, candid discussions.

 This grassroots approach to introducing discussions around Ethics will not only impact individual students, but can help EMBA SLEB set the tone of the entire ethics culture at CBS.”