Creativity in Global Business Seminar

Research Seminar:
Creativity and Innovation in Global Business

December 19, 2008
at the City University of Hong Kong

Co-sponsored by the Program on Social Intelligence and the City University of Hong Kong (CityU)

In December 2008, the Leadership Lab co-sponsored a seminar on creativity and innovation in global business held at the City University of Hong Kong. Speakers discussed strategic alternatives to layoffs and downsizing during an economic downturn. From Columbia, Professor Michael Morris discussed Bicultural Identity Integration (BII) - the degree to which a bicultural individual's two cultural identities are integrated versus conflicting - and its affect on creativity, the focus of two research projects with graduate students Aurelia Mok '10 and Shira Mor '13.

Conference Highlights:

CityU seminar looks at doing business during an economic downturn