Staying Cool Under Pressure

Stay cool under pressure: What brain research tells us about managing stress and maintaining peak performance

Friday, February 5th, 2010, 2011

Practical Skills

David Rock, Founder and CEO of Results Coaching Systems; author of Your Brain at Work

Science Commentary

Professor Kevin Ochsner, Associate Professor of Psychology, Columbia University


Hitendra Wadhwa, Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Marketing, Columbia Business School


Leading businesses in times of economic turmoil involves emotion and stress. Some managers do their best work when under pressure whereas others meltdown or burnout. What methods can managers use to maintain grace under pressure, peak performance, and mindfulness? What does research tell us about the most effective ways to regulate our emotions? In this workshop, David Rock, a renowned coach and consultant in this area, will train you in the best practices that are increasingly grounded in recent neuroscience research. Psychology professor Kevin Ochsner, a leading researcher in the neuroscience of emotional regulation, will present a briefer "science" component explaining the latest insights from this field. Marketing professor Hitendra Wadhwa will moderate the discussion. This will be followed by a Q&A with both the practice and science experts about related topics.

Related Reading

For more information about Kevin Ochsner's research on the workshop topic, see:

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About the Speakers

David Rock is the founder and CEO of Results Coaching Systems (RCS). As well as running RCS, David founded the NeuroLeadership Institute, an initiative bringing neuroscientists and leadership experts. He has authored several recent books in this area, Coaching with the Brain in Mind and Your Brain at Work.

Kevin Ochsner is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Columbia University. His research interests include the psychological and neural processes involved in emotion, pain, self-regulation, self perception, and person perception. More information about Professor Ochsner

Hitendra Wadhwa is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Marketing at Columbia Business School. At Columbia, he teaches elective MBA and executive-MBA courses on Strategy Consulting Skills, Pricing Strategies, Building and Managing Customer Relationships, and Personal Leadership & Success. Professor Wadhwa consults to corporations and teaches executive seminars on a range of strategy and marketing issues. More information on Professor Wadhwa