Faculty Access & Elective Faculty Access Program

Office hours are an important means of faculty access for students. Each faculty member teaching in a given semester will have at least two hours of open office hours each week and will be available by appointment when necessary. In addition, these faculty members will be available by email and respond as promptly as possible to student messages.

For core courses, the Faculty Access Program is in place to facilitate faculty/student interaction during the first year of the program as per the following guidelines.

  • There will be, at most, two events held outside of class each semester for each section of a full core course.
  • There will be, at most, one event held outside of class each semester for each section of a half course.

Each cluster has an assigned budget for Faculty Access events, which provide an opportunity for students and faculty to get to know each other in an informal atmosphere. The types of events included in the program are breakfasts, lunches and coffees/teas. Drinks or dinners are not part of the program. After checking with the professor, the academic rep or an appointed representative will work with the MBA Office of Student Life to make the necessary arrangements.

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