Elective Faculty Access Program (EFAP)

What it is: a program designed to provide an equal opportunity for students to access and get to know their professors in elective courses.

What it does: provides funding for extra-curricular student/professor events through a central approval process run by the Student Government and the Office of Student Affairs.

How it works:

  • Funds are available on first-come, first-serve basis for all elective courses
  • Dollar amount available per class is $15/head for every student; funds may not be used toward the purchase of alcohol.
  • A class can hold multiple events in one semester, but total spending for that class must stay under its cap
  • Students apply online to organize event for class
  • Academic Committee subgroup reviews applications after deadline and students receive notification about their request
  • Approval process will include emailing professor to make sure they agree with proposed event
  • Events must be planned in accordance with the School's alcohol policy
  • Only approved food vendors can be used for your event
  • Organizer will pay for event using vouchers from OSA
  • Events cannot occur during scheduled class time; they must occur outside of class time