Recordings: Classes and Events


Watching class recordings is not a substitute for class attendance and cannot be guaranteed.  Students may not video or audio record courses with their own equipment without the explicit consent of the faculty member. 

Core Classes

Core classes are recorded and published on the course's Canvas page under the echo360 tab.  Students who are absent from a core class should fill out the Core Absence Form, located on each Core Course homepage on Canvas.

Elective Classes

To request a recording of an elective class, please fill out our online form on the Current Semester Forms page.

The instructor may decide not to allow all or a portion of her/his class to be videotaped.   If OSA receives approval from the professor with enough time to schedule the recording, the recording will be added to your echo360 library on Canvas within 1 - 2 business days after the end of the videotaped course.  Please reach out to for more information.  

Religious Holidays

Faculty members are asked to accommodate observant students whenever possible. Students who wish to observe a religious holiday may miss class and request that their class(es) be recorded by filling out the forms found above. Students should also notify their professors of their absences. 

Event Recordings

If your club or student organization would like to have an event recorded, please contact the Multimedia Group directly at