Courses Cross-Listed with the Law School

MBA students are typically only able to apply a maximum six cross-registered credits (i.e., graduate-level coursework from other Columbia schools) to their degree requirements (along with Independent Study and Cross-Cultural Seminar). However, a certain subset of classes that are cross-listed with the Law School are exempt from this limit. For the purposes of fulfilling degree requirements, the Law School courses listed in the link below are essentially equivalent to any MBA elective, and credits from these courses do not count toward the six credit limit for cross-registration, Independent Study, and Cross-Cultural Seminar. Note that not all of these courses will be available in a given term. In order to register for these courses, students should follow the instructions provided by the Law School for cross-registrants, which can be found on the MBA "Cross Registration" page. For more information on individual courses, please visit the Law School's course directory.

L8247 Advanced Bankruptcy

L6202 Advanced Corporate Law: Mergers & Acquisitions

L6931 Advanced Corporate Law: Theories and Practice

L6293 Antitrust and Trade Regulation

L8246 Architecture of Financial Regulation

L6536 Bankruptcy Law 

L6221 Commercial Transactions

L6231 Corporations 

L6233 Corporate Reorganization & Bankruptcy

L6230 Corporate Taxation (added August 2014)

L6107 Deals (added June 2015)

L6346 Electronic Commerce     

L8631* Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic (added December.2018)

L6242 Environmental Law 

L8214* Ethics on the Edge: Business, Nonprofit, Government (added December 2018)

L6256 Federal Income Taxation (added August 2014) 

L6382 International Finance

L9061 International Commercial Arbitration

L6040 International Environmental Law

L8032 International Financial Transactions

L6424 International Securities Regulation

L6936 Investment Banking (added August 2014) 

L6916* Litigation, Economics, and Statistics (added December 2018) 

L6338 Patents (3-unit and 4-unit offerings) (added August 2014)

L8180 Private Investment Funds

L6362 Professional Responsibility Issues in Business Practice

L6922 Real Estate Finance

L6483 Real Estate Transactions 

L6391 Regulation of Financial Institutions

L6538 Secured Transactions

L6423 Securities Regulation 

L6320 Taxation of Financial Instruments

L6389 The Law of Transactions          

L8011* The Technology, Business, Law, and Policy of AI (added December 2018)  

L6337* Trade Secrets (added December 2018)

L9467 S: Contracts, Collaboration and Interpretation

L9253 S: Deals Workshop: The Art of the Deal (ALL SECTIONS as of June 2015)

L8037* S: FinTech Innovation and the Transformation of Financial Services: Business Models, Regulatory Structures and Policy Issues (added December 2018)

L9065 S: International Banking and Financial Law

L9069 S: Law and Economics

L9462 S: Law in Emerging Markets 

L8202 S: Leadership and Org. Character: Role of Inside Counsel (added December 2018) 

L8294^ S: Managing Human Rights (added December 2018)