Class of 2015

Columbia Business School’s academic standards ensure the integrity, consistency, and long-term value of the MBA experience while providing a framework for students to acquire the knowledge and the social intelligence to become sophisticated, ethical leaders.

Core Grade Distribution

P1, LP, F10–15%

+/- may be used in core grades with the following restrictions: there is no H+ in the core and the number of pluses must be equal to or less than the number of minuses.

Recommended Elective Grade

P1, LP, F≥5%

+/- may be used with elective grades without restrictions.

Starting Fall 2012, the grade of H+ is permitted in electives but strictly limited to 2% of the class enrollment, rounded up to the nearest integer.



Please note, while you do not receive pass/fail grades for courses taken, should you successfully exempt from a course, it will appear with a "P" on your transcript to denote that you passed. This will not be factored into your GPA, nor will receive any credits. It is strictly a notation that you passed your exemption exam.

Dean's List

After the first term, all students who achieve a 9.0 weighted grade point average (GPA) or higher will earn Dean’s List recognition. In subsequent terms, Dean’s List will apply to all students who achieve at least a 9.25 weighted GPA for the term.

The courses that make up the core curriculum are:

First Semester

Pre-termLead: People, Teams, Organizations (1/2 term equivalent)**
1st HalfStatistics*StrategyAccountingFinanceMicro Econ*
2nd HalfBusiness AnalyticsMarketing 1Macro Econ

Second Semester

1st HalfOperations ManagementMarketing 2ElectiveElectiveElective
2nd Half1/2 Elective1/2 Elective

*Statistics will each meet for 90 minutes on three additional Fridays at the beginning of the first term.

**Appropriate scheduling of a debrief by the faculty and coaching for all MBA students, based on their 360 Self-Assessment feedback launched by the Leadership faculty during pre-term, will occur during two or three 90 minute sessions the first and second terms of the first year.

Minimum GPA Requirements, Probation and Dismissal

During the academic review process at the end of each semester, the Office of Student Affairs monitors the academic performance of all students and makes available a support system for those in need of assistance.

Students whose GPAs fall below the minimum requirements are subject to probation or dismissal.

For dual degree students, the Business School GPA is determined by the grades received while in residence at the Business School; and includes all courses taken in those semesters, even those offered by the student's other school. Grades for Business School courses taken while in residence at their other school are not included in their cumulative GPA for the Business School.

Minimum GPA requirements by term and for graduation are as follows:

TimingGPA RequirementConsequence
After Term 1GPA equal to or less than 5.900Warning
GPA equal to or less than 4.800Probation
GPA equal to or less than 4.400Dismissal
Subsequent TermsGPA equal to or less than 5.900Warning
GPA equal to or less than 5.20Probation
GPA equal to or less than 4.80Dismissal
GraduationGPA greater than or equal to 5.50

Please note:

  • A student can be on probation for one semester, at most. A second probation implies dismissal.
  • A student can appeal his/her dismissal to the Academic Standards Committee that could allow the student to stay in the program under certain conditions.
  • A student who was dismissed from the School might apply, via regular admissions procedure, to the program. If admitted he/she might have the option of using credit for certain past courses taken at the School.

Students must complete at least 67% of credit hours attempted each semester to remain compliant with Satisfactory Academic Progress policy (SAP). Credit hour progression is based on a cumulative total of attempted credits to earned credits. For example, a full-time student who attempts 18 credits in a semester must successfully complete at least 12 credits to meet the 67% requirement. However, credits that are not completed will count towards maximum credits attempted towards degree objective.