Awards and Dean's List

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Beta Gamma Sigma Alumni Award

Presented every year to a graduating student. The recipient is selected on the basis of outstanding character, scholastic achievement, participation in School affairs and potential for civic, business, and professional leadership.

Columbia Business School Service Award

Presented once a year in recognition of a graduating student’s outstanding contributions to the School community, as defined by notable participation in School activities.

Eli Ginzberg Memorial Prize

Presented annually for outstanding work in the field of economics or human resources.

William J. Heffernan Memorial Award for Service

Given yearly to graduating students who, working “behind the scenes,” have made outstanding contributions to the School’s academic standards, operations and integrity. The award honors the late dean for administration, William Heffernan, who served at the School from 1961 to 1986.

MBA Student Speaker

Selected by fellow graduates to represent the graduating class at the Recognition Ceremony. The Student Speaker is chosen on the basis of contributions to the School, intellectual strength and speaking ability.

Benjamin Michaelson Scholarship Prize

Awarded annually to a student who has completed the first year of study and exhibits strong academic achievement as well as strong leadership in the Graduate Business Association or other student activities. The award was established by Catherine Michaelson ’78, in honor of her father.

Robert H. Montgomery Prize in Accounting

Given yearly to the graduating student who has concentrated in accounting and is deemed to be most proficient in all courses.

Abe Shuchman Memorial Award in Marketing

Recognizes a graduating student in the MBA or Executive MBA Programs whose academic record in marketing is outstanding and who shows promise in the understanding, conceptualization, and practice of marketing.

Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award

Presented yearly to a graduating student who has achieved excellence in the field of finance.

Amena Elliot Webster Memorial Award in Marketing

Presented annually to a graduating woman who has concentrated in marketing and is deemed by the faculty to have achieved overall academic excellence.

Robert and Jacqueline Willens Tax Research Prize

Awarded annually at graduation to a student who demonstrates superior skills in the area of tax theory, practice, or research as it relates to investment banking and finance. Robert Willens is an adjunct professor of finance and economics and a managing director at Lehman Brothers.

Dean's List

Students who achieved at least a 9.0 weighted semester GPA in their first term are included on the Dean's List, provided they have completed at least twelve (12) or more points for a letter grade. In subsequent terms, students who achieved at least a 9.25 weighted semester GPA and completed at least twelve (12) or more points for a letter grade are included on the Dean's List. Learn more about the School's grading scale under Academic Standards.

Students can find their GPAs on SSOL. With the exception of courses withdrawn for a grade of "W," Dean's List will only be awarded to students who have completed all of their courses in a given semester. While grades for courses taken outside the Business School apply, only full-time students enrolled for 12 or more credits qualify.

Dual degree students are eligible for Dean’s List only during semesters in which they are in residence at the Business School. The grades from all courses taken while in residence at the Business School, even those taken at the student's other school, are included in calculating the GPA for that semester. 

Dean's Graduation Honors

Columbia Business School recognizes the top 25 percent of students in each class (based on cumulative GPA), with Dean's Honors. The top 5 percent receive Deans's Honors and Distinction.

If you take courses over the required 60 credits or outside of the Business School, these courses are included in your cumulative GPA and eligibility for these awards. Dual degree students are eligible for graduation honors based on the cumulative GPA earned only during their semesters in residence at the Business School — this includes courses taken outside the Business School during these semesters.