Exam Policy

Exam Policy (effective Fall 2017)

All students are expected to take their OSA-administered core and elective exams according to the schedule posted before bidding begins for each semester. 

If it is not possible to reschedule before the end of the exam period due to one of the reasons below (documentation needed if applicable), there are two “Exam Make-up Days” scheduled per term.  Please see the MBA Exam area of BOSS for these dates. If the exams cannot be made up during either the exam period or these two days, a grade of zero will be entered for the final exam.

Please note: Students who miss an exam or make-up exam for an unexcused reason and do not notify OSA beforehand will receive an F in the class

Exams may be rescheduled during the exam period for the following reasons:

  • Exam conflict, defined as either: 1) two final exams scheduled at the same time; 2) three or more final exams scheduled within a two-day period; or 3) two exams that occur on the same day when one exam is scheduled to last for 4.5 hours or more. These guidelines do not apply to in-class exams. 

  • Religious observance – no documentation needed

  • Military Service – letter from commanding officer

  • Court appearance – summons from the court

  • Illness – letter needed from student’s doctor stating when the illness began and for how long he/she should be staying home

  • Family emergencies, such as death or serious illness of immediate family member – OSA will determine what kind of documentation is required

Communication of an expected absence must be received by OSA by no later than two weeks before the exam period begins.  Emergency absences will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Documentation is required as applicable.