Current Semester Forms

For Current MBA Students 

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Credit Increase (Add/Drop Round ONLY) For semesters two(2) through four(4) only.

Students with a 7.0 or higher GPA will have their credits increased to 19.5.  To be considered for 21 credits, please fill out the form.
Target Credit Adjustment (Selection Round ONLY) During selection rounds, most students' target credits are set to 18 credits, which is the maximum limit for ranking. Students who prefer that Course Match enroll them in fewer credits than their target during the selection rounds should fill out this form, as should students for whom the target credit is lower than 18 and wish to rank more credits.
Independent Study To get credit for an independent study project, be sure to read the guidelines before filling out the form. 
Course Withdrawal  Please complete this form to withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period of the semester. These dates can be found here.
Curricular Practical training (CPT) Cross cultural seminar is required for students seeking CPT authorization. 
Exam Reschedule Read over the exam policy carefully before submitting your reschedule request. 


For First Year MBAs ONLY

forms Form Details
Core Course Re-enrollment  To re-enroll in a core course that you have exempted.