Future Planning

Fall 2022

Tentative Fall 2022 Course Sections (7/1/2022) - Subject to change

Pre-Requisite and Co-Requisite Guidelines

Please note an important change to registration: you will no longer be able to rank or add a course if you have not met the pre-requisite for that course.  You may request a waiver for a pre-requisite when an exemption exam is not offered. Here is a list of requisite courses that have B8136, B8306, B8331, and B8439 as their pre-req, which exemption exams are offered.  Exams will only be offered during the dates announced on Canvas.  You may not receive a waiver for a course if an exemption exam is offered for that course. If you’re interested in obtaining a waiver, you need to email the Division Chair and secure the waiver for the course before the selection/ranking round begins or before you add the course in Course Match.  For classes that have a co-requisite: you can add the co-requisite during ranking or add/drop. You may find the contact information for Division Chairs below. The only exception to this being a waiver for Foundations of Entrepreneurship in which case you must send a waiver request to  http://bit.ly/entrepreneurwaiver.

It is the individual student's responsibility both to understand the requirements, and to have fulfilled the requirements. The most up-to-date pre- and co-requisites can be found on the courses page descriptions listed within the MBA Course Schedule, and are required per request of the academic division.  All pre- and co-requisites are enforced per the Dean’s Office.

**Waivers will no longer be granted for pre- or co- requisites for which CBS offers an exemption exam. (B8306, B8331, or B8136) If you wish to request a waiver for the requisite(s), please send an email appeal to the Chair of the Division by clicking on the applicable hyperlink below. If your waiver request is granted, be sure to forward the approval to OSA. Individual faculty may not waive a pre- or co-requisite for a course.

division/center chair person/contact
Accounting Jonathan Glover
Decision, Risk and Operations Awi Federgruen
Economics Wouter Dessein
Finance Daniel Wolfenzon
Management Stephan Meier
Marketing Olivier Toubia
Entrepreneurship Center* Entrepreneurship Waivers

*If you believe that you should be enrolled in Launch your Startup without having to take Foundations of Entrepreneurship, you must send an exemption request to by the address above.  Please allow at least one week for a response, as your request may require deliberations among faculty.

All waiver decisions are final and cannot be appealed.