CBS Alcohol Policy

Columbia Business School permits the service of beer and wine (and beer and wine-based beverages) at school or student organization-sponsored events with the use of club or organization funds, providing the following guidelines are met:

Due to COVID-19, normal policies and procedures will be impacted. Any changes will be communicated with club leadership. 

  • At this time, alcohol and other beverages are restricted to individual cans and bottles. No pouring service is allowed for catered events.


  • Events should be educational, cultural or social in nature. Drinking should not be the primary purpose of the event. 
  • No alcohol may be served before 5:45pm
  • All spending must fall within the Columbia Business School guidelines for meals and events.
  • Clusters may not use their school provided funds on alcohol.
  • All guests at an event where beer and wine are served must be able to show proof of age 21; anyone unable to provide proof of age must leave the event immediately.
  • Substantial food and non-alcoholic beverages must be supplied when alcohol is being served. 
  • All events at which food or beverages are served must include cleaning services after the event.
  • Any event in Uris or Warren Halls with more than 15 attendees and with alcohol service may require an officer from the Department of Public Safety to be in attendance. Any event outside of Uris Hall but on campus, regardless of the number of attendees, is eligible to qualify for public safety patrol at the organization’s cost. All events of this nature should be discussed with an advisor in the Office of Student Affairs in advance to determine need. Fees are associated with Public Safety patrol.
  • Club and cluster-sponsored happy hour events are not allowed in Uris or Warren Halls.
    • Clubs and clusters wishing to host happy hours, or pre-happy hour events on Thursday night may go to an off-campus venue and have members pay with their own funds.
    • As a reminder, cluster funds may not be spent on alcohol.
  • There may be no games of chance, drinking games, contests, “happy hours,” or other activities that induce, encourage or result in the consumption of alcohol.
  • All events that include the service of alcohol must be properly registered in CampusGroups - this includes denoting that alcohol will be served where prompted.
  • No alcohol may be served to a person who is disorderly.


  • No student organization may allocate or spend any club/organization funds on hard alcohol.
  • Off-campus events hosted by student organizations may offer a cash bar for hard alcohol with approval from the Office of Student Affairs.


  • Please review the full Columbia University statements and policies on usage of alcohol and drugs here.