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Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty

Charles Angelucci
Assistant Professor


Mark Broadie
Carson Family Professor of Business
Vice Dean for Curriculum and Instruction


Ed Busby '00
Adjunct Professor
CEO and Founder at Hudson Mobile Advisory


Sharad Devarajan '04
Adjunct Associate Professor
Co-Founder & CEO, Liquid Comics


Stuart Ellman
Adjunct Associate Professor


Jared Grusd '06
Adjunct Associate Professor
Global General Counsel, Spotify


Sunil Gulati
Senior Lecturer in Economics, Columbia University
U.S. Soccer President


Todd Jick
Senior Lecturer in Discipline in Business


Jeremy Kagan '99
Adjunct Professor
Founder & CEO, Pricing Engine


Jerry Kim
Assistant Professor


Jonathan Knee
Professor of Professional Practice
Senior Advisor at Evercore Partners


Malia Mason
Gantcher Associate Professor of Business


Scott C. McDonald
Adjunct Professor
SVP for Market Research, Condé Nast Publications


Tahra L. Millan
Adjunct Associate Professor
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Caramoor


Jarrod Moses
Adjunct Associate Professor
Founder & CEO, United Entertainment Group


Eli Noam
Paul Garrett Professor of Public Policy and Business Responsibility
Director of Columbia Institute for Tele-Information


Jeremy Philips
Adjunct Professor
General Partner, Spark Capital Growth


David Poltrack
Adjunct Associate Professor
Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation and President of CBS VISION


Joseph Plummer
Adjunct Professor
Senior Associate, Olson Zaltman Associates


Andrea Prat
Richard Paul Richman Professor of Business


Arne Rees
Adjunct Professor
COO at RSE Ventures


Miklos Sarvary
Carson Family Professor of Business


Ava Seave
Adjunct Professor
Principal, Quantum Media


Andrew Stephen
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Asst Professor of Business & Katz Fellow in Marketing, Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh


Paul Tetlock
Professor of Business


Tim Wu
Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law, Columbia Law School


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