Application for Special Concentration in Business Management

Please list your country of origin, this is for reporting purposes only.

While we do not require a reference letter, you must secure a Columbia professor who agrees to serve as your reference — please provide the name and contact information for the professor (if necessary, the Admissions Committee will call or e-mail this reference).

Please answer the following essay question

What are your short-term and long-term post–bachelor’s degree goals? How will the Special Concentration in Business Management help you achieve these goals? How will the Special Concentration enhance your current studies at Columbia? (Recommended 500-word limit)

Essay, Resume, Current Class Schedule & Transcripts

Essay, resume, current class schedule, and transcripts are required for your application. Please merge these documents into one PDF file.
Please name the file using the following format: lastname_firstname-2019-SCBM.pdf

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Allowed file types: pdf.