Why Choose the Special Concentration in Business Management?

The curricular and cocurricular programming of the Special Concentration in Business Management at the Mendelson Center for Undergraduate Business Initiatives capitalizes on Columbia Business School’s ability to connect academic theory with real-world practice, providing students with the opportunity to develop key leadership skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, and the ability to innovate.

Program Benefits
Guaranteed placement in the following popular undergraduate business courses (must reserve a place in advance through the program manager):
BUSI UN3013 Financial Accounting
BUSI UN3021 Marketing Management
BUSI W3701 Strategy Formulation
BUSI UN3703 Leadership in Organizations
ECON GU4280 Corporate Finance
Access to special guest speaker presentations at Columbia Business School, including one or more business-leader or faculty-member presentations exclusively for selected students
Formal and informal networking opportunities with Columbia Business School students, faculty members, and/or alumni
One on one meetings with the admissions team for the Deferred Enrollment Program