Student Experiences

Inès de Vulpian ’21GS
Major: Human Rights

“As a part of the Dual Bachelor’s Degree between Sciences Po and Columbia University, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to pursue a concentration in Business Management as it culminates my undergraduate experience by allowing me to explore the intersection between Human Rights and Business. In my opinion, the Special Concentration in Business is enthralling as it opens an entirely new field of study. Allowing students to capitalize on Columbia Business School’s academic excellence all the while developing their interpersonal skills. For example, having a strong understanding of financial statements is a transferable skill, and an asset that I plan to utilize in the future either within a corporate position or as a member of a non-governmental organization.”

Kingsley Neequaye ’21CC
Major: Computer Science

“In the short term, I hope to supplement my computer science education with skills in leadership and business management to continue the interdisciplinary education I started at Columbia University. In the long-term, I seek to start a company, become a business and community leader, and launch innovative programs to provide education and employment opportunities for underrepresented Americans. By concentrating in business management, I can achieve these two goals by learning the basics of entrepreneurship, business and management, and leadership.”

Duda Penteado’21CC
Major: Psychology

“Being able to take classes, attend CBS events and learn with Columbia Business School Professors has made me realize a strong passion for business that I didn't know I had before. The concentration has made me excited to apply for an MBA and continue this journey.”

Benjamin Shor ’21GS
Major: Economics

“As I enter into the workforce in the coming year, I seek to learn from those currently operating in this tumultuous time. With this program, I am actively engaging with professors who are also industry professionals, thereby allowing me to implement these teachings beyond the regular theoretical context. The Special Concentration in Business Management is a rare program in that I find applicational value in my potential career. Strategy formulation, corporate finance, and organizational leadership are just a few of the many principles that apply to any business endeavor no matter what respective field I might find myself in.”

Anton Zhou ’21CC
Major: Visual Arts

“The Special Concentration in Business Management has provided me with the essential tools to understand business concepts and explore links between different fields of interest. In particular, I have been able to channel my traits as an artist towards visually understanding much of the course material. A special blend of coursework offered by the Mendelson Center has challenged me to think both creatively and analytically while fostering a holistic outlook on business management. Courses such as Financial Accounting and Marketing Management have been the pillars of my learning experience, illustrating the relevance of both proper financial practice and innovative communication strategies in a professional setting.”

Jake Tuckerman ’18CC
Major: Economics-Political Science
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

“The Special Concentration in Business Management has afforded me the unique opportunity to ground my liberal-arts education with a practical and valuable skill set. The courses in the concentration often complement each other in a way that has made me a stronger asset to my student investment group and will surely put me in a better position as I enter into a professional setting post-graduation.”

Christina Clark ’18CC
Major: Sustainable Development
Hometown: San Diego, California

“Majoring in sustainable development has given me great theoretical background for addressing global issues, but without the complement of my Special Concentration in Business Management courses, I would not have the same level of practical skills and strategic thinking I need to create feasible solutions through social entrepreneurship and/or nonprofit work. One of my favorite courses so far has been a business management elective, Community Building and Economic Development, which has caused me to rethink a lot of my assumptions about nonprofit work and how best to make an impact.”

Emily Man ’17CC
Major: Financial Economics
Hometown: Beijing, China

“The Special Concentration in Business Management has allowed me to take classes that opened my eyes to how multifaceted the field of business is — how it’s not all just about revenues or the bottom line but also about how an organization needs to consider the psychological state of its employees and try to institutionalize innovation. At the end of the day, business is about people, not numbers.”

Veronica Handunge ’17CC
Major: Neuroscience and Behavior
Hometown: College Park, Maryland

“Taking classes in the Special Concentration in Business Management has been one of the most valuable parts of my Columbia education, especially in preparing myself for the job market. Through classes such as marketing management and financial accounting, I’ve had the opportunity to expand my business acumen and more easily apply business concepts to where my passion lies — in the healthcare and life-sciences sectors. Additionally, the Business School teachers I've had are very passionate about their subjects and create an engaging classroom atmosphere.”

Logan Slater ’18CC
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Hastings on Hudson, New York

“I am most interested in the emerging field of behavioral economics, which bridges the disciplines of psychology and business. The Special Concentration in Business Management has allowed me to further explore this field and has granted me greater exposure to the world of business management, which I would not otherwise have had access to. For example, this concentration has introduced me to the practical applications of psychology to marketing and management, particularly through a course I took titled Thinking and Decision Making, which analyzed models of judgment and decision-making under various conditions. Further, I find the intersection of technology and psychology to be the most intriguing area to investigate when it comes to defining future business concepts, models, and markets. The Special Concentration in Business Management has allowed me to explore this intersection, which I believe will help me contribute to these future markets from a leadership standpoint.”