The best part of being a CaseWorks Fellow is the degrees of freedom and trust that the CaseWorks team puts in you. If you show you’re capable, willing, and motivated, they actively push you forward. It made me feel super comfortable and was a very rewarding experience that they’re so forthcoming and recognize your efforts.

As for the faculty that you interact with, they are willing to give you any references and help you as needed. It’s like this system that’s self-reinforcing—you’re helping out someone and that person can help you out as well.

To anyone who wants to become a CaseWorks Fellow, you may be brought on board to generate some data, but it does not mean that is the only thing you could do. If you see space for a bigger role, claim it. It makes being a fellow more interesting for you, develops your relationships with the other people involved in the process, and helps you build some internal credibility.