This month I graduated from CBS, marking the end of a wonderful two year journey.  One might think that this chapter of life is coming to a close, however I feel the opposite; when it comes to startup life at CBS, the two years on campus are just the beginning.

And what an awesome beginning. The commitment and talent I saw from my fellow students was truly inspiring. I watched friends explore ideas, iterate, suffer through small failures time after time, and persevere to continue down very exciting business paths. The community on campus is vibrant, with many students exploring ideas, and even more willing to lend a hand. Professors are experienced entrepreneurs themselves, providing not only knowledge but a fantastic sounding board and great source for relevant introductions.

My favorite startup experience was through the Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Program, where 16 teams pursued their ideas through group learning opportunities and individual meetings with professors and peers. The class was fun because students were pursuing such diverse ideas, from shopping apps to foreign organic baby food companies. We met CBS alums who had created successful companies and shared uncensored perspectives on the trials and successes of their business. Brendan Burns, one of our professors, was also raising funding as he taught the class, giving us an inside look at best practices that get tangible results. Though I’ve been through several startups, the learning opportunity in this class was unmatched.

Though the classroom time is great, I quickly realized that CBS is at the center of a very exciting NYC scene. I spent a lot of time during my CBS tenure interning at some of the most exciting NYC startups, all facilitated through CBS introductions. These experiences were good for practical learning, but also for the opportunity to see how connected CBS is to the general startup ecosystem. No matter the sector or expertise, you can quickly find an alum that is willing to share their insight and make further introductions. These experiences showed me that CBS doesn’t stop when you exit Uris hall or when you graduate; this fantastic community lasts a lifetime.

These experiences taught me how to be a better founder, a better member of the startup community, and how to follow my passion through my career. This led me to found Slumber Sage (www.slumbersage.com), the premier online resource for enhancing your sleep experience. At Slumber Sage we provide tips on improving your sleep cycle, sleep product reviews, and information on how getting better sleep improves your health. I’m very excited to pursue this new venture, especially knowing I can draw on the support of the CBS community!