Edouard Carmignac

Edouard Carmignac ’72

Founder of Carmignac

Edouard Carmignac holds a degree in economics from the University of Paris (1969) and a master of business administration from Columbia Business School (1972).

Mr. Carmignac started as an analyst at Blyth Eastern Dillon in New York in 1972. Three years later he moved on to BNP Paribas where he worked with international financial transactions. In 1976, he was appointed assistant director at Banque de la Société Financière Européenne where he became responsible for loans to the energy and mining sectors. He worked as a stockbroker at Hamant-Carmignac between 1984 and 1989. He founded Carmignac in 1989 and, in his role as chairman, is closely involved in the management strategy of its UCITS funds.

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