Manuel Domínguez

Manuel Domínguez ’16

Director General and CEO, Mayoral Moda Infantil S.A.U.

Manuel Domínguez (Málaga, 1965) is the CEO of Mayoral Moda Infantil S.A.U., a leading family-owned children’s apparel business based in Málaga, Spain. His first full-time job was in the marketing department of Pepsi Cola Spain in the early 1990s. Later, he joined the family business in 1993 as export manager. In 1999, he became retail manager and finally CEO in 2007. After earning a BA in economics from the University of Málaga, he completed the IESE MBA program in Barcelona in 1991. In May 2016, he graduated with a master of science in leadership from Columbia University.

Mr. Domínguez began to leverage his professional experience in family business in 2014, giving lectures about family business issues as a guest speaker and part-time professor in San Telmo, the business school of Southern Spain. After writing several cases about the fashion retail industry, he joined ISEM Fashion Business School in Madrid as a part-time teacher of retail. For the past two years, he has been an active guest speaker for, as well as a member of, the advisory board of the Family Business Program at Columbia Business School.

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