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Participation to the survey is voluntary. If you choose not to participate there will be no repercussions to you.  All responses are completely confidential to ensure there are no risks from being involved. There will be no direct benefit (e.g., compensation) to you.  If at any time you have comments regarding the conduct of this research or questions about your rights as a research participant, you should contact the Columbia University Institutional Review Board (IRB) Administrator at (212) 851-7040, or [email protected].

Your survey responses are completely confidential. MSI International, a global market research firm, has been engaged to administer the survey on our behalf. MSI will delete any personally identifiable information (“PII”) that could tie you to your responses prior to providing us with the survey data (e.g. , your email address necessary to log-in to take the survey).

MSI will identify survey respondents only by the unique identification number assigned when a respondent takes the survey with any linkage of PII to the unique identification number held in a separate file on MSI’s secure servers. The researchers will not have access to any identifiable information.

•Your email address is required to insure the integrity of the data collection process such that a survey is taken only once by an individual.  It will be stored on a secure server account at MSI and deleted at the close of the survey along with any other PII. 

•The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

•If cookies are enabled on your machine, you can come back and finish later.