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3-Year JD/MBA

Columbia 3-Year JD/MBA

The deadline to apply to the Columbia 3-year JD/MBA class entering in August 2015 is February 13, 2015. Candidates for the Columbia 3-year JD/MBA Program must select the option within the respective applications indicating their intent to apply. For candidates applying simultaneously, applications will not be evaluated by each school’s admissions committee until both applications have been completed.

The deadline at the Business School to apply to the 3-year JD/MBA program is February 13, 2015. The Business School generally renders decisions within six to eight weeks following the completion of an application; however, a corresponding timely application must also be completed and submitted to the Law School in order for a decision to be rendered by the Business School within the stated period.

The deadline to apply to the Law School is February 13, 2015. The Law School generally renders decisions no later than April 30 of each admissions cycle. Should you apply to the Law School under the Early Decision Plan, a decision will be rendered in the time-frame allotted to applicants under the Plan; however, a corresponding timely application must also be completed and submitted to the Business School in order for a decision to be rendered by the Law School within the Plan period.

Please note that these deadlines are subject to change for future admissions cycles. While it is preferred that candidates apply simultaneously to both schools, first-year law students may apply to the program. Deferrals of matriculation are not permitted for students admitted to the Columbia 3-year JD/MBA Program.

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Applications for EMBA-NY Sat and EMBA-NY Fri/Sat will become available in early August.

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