Coree Mahoney

Coree Mahoney '18

Lt, US Navy

My biggest accomplishments have come when the junior sailors that work for me ask me to re-enlist them, or officially pin the warfare device—something they work hard to earn—onto their uniform. These are both huge milestones in their career and they choose an officer that they admire and respect to take part in them. Being asked to do these things is an honor and has given me the greatest sense of accomplishment, because I know that I have positively impacted their lives. I don’t think there’s anything more important than taking care of my team; when I take care of them, the mission gets done properly. It’s a win-win situation.


Fall 2015 Cross-Registration Dates

  • A-term, B-term, and Full-term electives: 10:00 am on Thursday August 20th until 4:00 pm Tuesday September 8th.
  • B-Term electives: 10:00 am Wednesday October 21st until 4:00pm Wednesday October 28th.