Neil Duncan

Neil Duncan '17

Sgt, US Army (Ret.)

I was able to get prosthetics and start to learn to walk again, but it obviously takes some time. No matter how much you train, how often you go to PT, there's no replication for the real world so getting out is just really important.

I got into mountain climbing just being athletic and wanting to push my own limitations. That started with, obviously, walking and then running, and then I started doing some hiking. I was presented with this opportunity to go to Africa and climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I was pretty unprepared and hadn't done a lot of research and failed completely; I got to 14,000 feet and just could not go any further.

So, I spent the next year training and planning logistics and contingency operations, and I took a team the next year. We called it “Three Guys One Leg”—there were two double amputees and a single amputee. We executed this plan that I had been working on and successfully got to the top.

It really started out as a way to push ourselves, a way to find my own upper limit, but I also saw this benefit of using mountain climbing for fund-raising and bringing attention to veterans, and it's been really successful.


Fall 2015 Cross-Registration Dates

  • A-term, B-term, and Full-term electives: 10:00 am on Thursday August 20th until 4:00 pm Tuesday September 8th.
  • B-Term electives: 10:00 am Wednesday October 21st until 4:00pm Wednesday October 28th.