2014 Projects


Project Title

Faculty sponsor(s)


Understanding attentional demands from resource scarcity

Gita Johar

Keith Wilcox


Closure & contagion: an online experiment on social influence in social networks

Dan Wang


Employee efficiency

Adam Galinsky


Gender differences in delegation: the role of guilt and trust in explaining delegation behavior

Modupe Akinola

Katherine Phillips


External validity of risk attitude measures

Eric Johnson

Elke Weber

Finance & Economics

Loss aversion & redistribution

Ray Fisman

Ilyana Kuziemko

Decision Risk & Operations

Consumer learning from online reviews

Costis Maglaris

Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi

Decision Risk & Operations

ChileCompra & framework agreements

Gabriel Weintraub

Decision Risk & Operations

Handling dropouts in centralized school admissions

Yash Kanoria

Finance & Economics

Dissident shareholders 

Wei Jiang

Finance & Economics

Book project on corporate finance theory

Patrick Bolton

Neng Wang

Finance & Economics

Banks, liquidity management and monetary policy

Saki Bigio

Finance & Economics

Ineffective monetary policy

Marco Di Maggio

Finance & Economics

Banking failures & real economic activity

Marco Di Maggio

Finance & Economics

Measurement of value of government debt

Pierre Yared


Effect of media ranking changes on patient hospital choice

Jerry Kim

Finance & Economics

Microfinance repayment, peer monitoring, and social networks

Emily Breza

Finance & Economics

Determinants & consequences of firm success in Liberia/Bureacrats in India & firm success

Jonas Hjort


When and why do business techniques Stick

Eric Abrahamson


Personal Leadership

Hitendra Wadhwa


Fall 2015 Cross-Registration Dates

  • A-term, B-term, and Full-term electives: 10:00 am on Thursday August 20th until 4:00 pm Tuesday September 8th.
  • B-Term electives: 10:00 am Wednesday October 21st until 4:00pm Wednesday October 28th.