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"Transforming Water: Social Influence Moderates Psychological, Physiological, and Functional Response to a Placebo Product"
A.J. Crum
D.J. Phillips
J.P. Goyer

PLOS ONE, 2016

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"The Performance Implications of Demand-Side Diversification: Evidence from the US Telecommunications Sector, 1990–1996"
Lalit Manrala

Journal of Strategic Marketing, 2015

Type: Web-only article

"Corporate Volunteerism, the Experience of a Positive Self-Concept, and Organizational Commitment: Evidence from Two Field Studies"
Deanna Senior
Will Welch

Social Science Research Network, 2010

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"Trust in decision-making authorities dictates the form of the interactive relationship between outcome favorability and procedural fairness"
Emily Bianchi
Kees Van den Bos
Philip Miles
Matthias Seifert
Lu Shannon
Henry Moon

Working paper, 2010

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"Assisted Suicide and 'Free Choice'"

CNN Opinion, 2010

Type: Web-only article

"The insider succession trap"
B. Gunia
N. Sivanathan, 2009

Type: Web-only article

"Yukos Oil: A Corporate Governance Success Story?"
Raphael Minder
Rahim Rabimov
Diana Yousef-Martinek

Chazen Web Journal of International Business, 2006

Type: Web-only article

"Transforming Labor-Relations in European Manufacturing"
Amina Runyan-Shefa

Chazen Web Journal of International Business, 2005

Type: Web-only article

"B-Schools Take on the Family Business"

Wall Street Journal, 2014

Type: Newspaper article

"Stop Talking About How CSR Helps Your Bottom Line"
Lea Cassar

Harvard Business Review, 2018

Type: Magazine article