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"When Is Quality of Financial System a Source of Comparative Advantage?"
Jiandong Ju

Journal of International Economics, 2011

Type: Journal article

"Volatile Times and Persistent Conceptual Errors: U.S. Monetary Policy, 1914–1951"

The Origins, History and Future of the Federal Reserve, 2011

Type: Chapter

"From the financial crisis to the real economy: Using firm-level data to identify transmission channels"
Stijn Claessens
Hui Tong

Journal of International Economics, 2012

Type: Journal article

"Managerial Performance Evaluation and Real Options"
A. Nezlobin
I. Vaysman

The Accounting Review, 2016

Type: Journal article

"Earnings Management and the Revelation Principle"
A. Arya
S. Sunder

Review of Accounting Studies, 1998

Type: Journal article

"Project Assignment Rights and Incentives for Eliciting Ideas"
A. Arya
B. Routledge

Management Science, 2002

Type: Journal article

"Abandonment Options and Information System Design"
A. Arya

Review of Accounting Studies, 2003

Type: Journal article

"Real Options, Conflicting Valuations, and Favoritism"
A. Arya

Topics in Economic Analysis & Policy, 2003

Type: Journal article

"An Economic Assessment of 'Fair Trade' in Coffee"
David Zehner

Chazen Web Journal of International Business, 2006

Type: Web-only article

"The Myth of Creative Advertising Design: Theory, Process, and Outcome"
Barbara Stern

Journal of Advertising, 2001

Type: Journal article