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"Real Prudential Regulatory Reform vs. Dodd-Frank"

Defining Ideas, 2010

Type: Web-only article

"Mortgage Rates, Household Balance Sheets, and the Real Economy"
Ben Keys
Amit Seru
Vincent Yao


Type: Working paper

"Reasons for cooperation or defection in real-world social dilemmas"
S. Attari
David Krantz

Judgment and Decision Making, 2014

Type: Journal article

"Real Progress on Emissions Can Lead to a Global Pact", 2014

Type: Web-only article

"Learning Asymmetries in Real Business Cycles"

Journal of Monetary Economics, 2006

Type: Journal article

"Mitigating Gig Worker Misconduct: Evidence from a Real Effort Experiment"
Bennett Chiles


Type: Working paper

"Earnings and Firm Value in the Presence of Real Options"

The Accounting Review, 2020

Type: Journal article

"Growth Volatility and Financial Liberalization"
Campbell Harvey
Christian Lundblad

Working paper, 2004

Type: Working paper

"Unilever's Mission for Vitality, Case #5-307-501"
D. Austen-Smith
K. Chung
C. LaVanway


Type: Case study

"Consumption and Equilibrium Interest Rates in Stochastic Production Economies"

Journal of Finance, 1984

Type: Journal article