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"The Goal-Gradient Hypothesis Resurrected: Purchase Acceleration, Illusionary Goal Progress, and Customer Retention"
Oleg Urminsky
Yuhuang Zheng

Journal of Marketing Research, 2006

Type: Journal article

"Pricing and Design of Differential Services: Approximate Analysis and Structural Insights"

Operations Research, 2005

Type: Journal article

"Multilateral Strategies to Promote Democracy"
Thomas Corothers
John Cavanagh
Michael Doyle
Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
Andrew Kruper
Adam Przeworski
Mary Robinson


Type: Case study

"Mexico-Five Years After the Crisis"
D. Lederman
Angel Menendez
G. Perry


Type: Lecture

"Rethinking Pension Reform: Ten Myths About Social Security Systems"
Peter Orszag

New Ideas About Old Age Security, 2001

Type: Chapter

"Do Macro Variables, Asset Markets, or Surveys Forecast Inflation Better?"
Min Wei

Journal of Monetary Economics, 2007

Type: Journal article

"Global Growth Opportunities and Market Integration"
Campbell Harvey
Christian Lundblad
Stephan Siegel

Working paper, 2004

Type: Working paper

"Does Financial Liberalization Spur Growth?"
Campbell Harvey
Christian Lundblad

Journal of Financial Economics, 2005

Type: Journal article

"Emerging Markets Finance"
Campbell Harvey

Journal of Empirical Finance, 2003

Type: Journal article

"Corporate Finance, the Theory of the Firm, and Organization"
David Scharfstein

Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1998

Type: Journal article