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"Helping One's Way to the Top: Self-Monitors Achieve Status by Helping Others and Knowing Who Helps Whom"
Francis Flynn
Ray Reagans
Emily Amanatullah

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2006

Type: Journal article

"Product Line Positioning Without Market Information"

Decision, Risk, and Operations Working Paper Series, 2006

Type: Working paper

"Economics 2.0? A Business Primer on Virtual Worlds"

Financial Times Online, 2007

Type: Newspaper article

"Information and Control in Ventures and Alliances"

The Journal of Finance, 2005

Type: Journal article

"Remedying Hyperopia: The Effects of Self-Control Regret on Consumer Behavior"
Anat Keinan

Journal of Marketing Research, 2008

Type: Journal article

"Options Pricing and Accounting Practice"

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, 2004

Type: Working paper

"Assessing China's Exchange Rate Regime"
Jeffrey Frankel

Economic Policy, 2007

Type: Journal article

"Shaping Customer Satisfaction through Self-Awareness Cues"
Caroline Goukens
Jennifer Stuart

Journal of Marketing Research, 2010

Type: Journal article

"Indulgence as Self Reward for Prior Shopping Restraint"

Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2009

Type: Journal article

"Optimal Liquidity Provision for Decision Makers"
Robert Hahn

Working Paper, 2007

Type: Working paper