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"On the accuracy of the simple peak hour approximation for Markovian queues"

Management Science, 1995

Type: Journal article

"Financial Factors in the Great Depression"

The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1993

Type: Journal article

"Market Timing, Investment, and Risk Management"
Hui Chen

Journal of Financial Economics, 2013

Type: Journal article

"Who Takes Risks When and Why: Determinants of Changes in Investor Risk Taking"
M. Weber
A. Nosic

Working paper, 2011

Type: Working paper

"Managing Others Like You Were Managed: How Prevention Focus Motivates Copying Interpersonal Norms"
Shu Zhang
Guoquan Chen

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2011

Type: Journal article

"The Price of Relationships: Experience Transfer, Contractual Governance and Performance in Repeated Vertical Exchanges"

Working Paper, 2010

Type: Working paper

"Over the Cliff: From the Subprime to the Global Financial Crisis"

Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2011

Type: Journal article

"Choice-Based Revenue Management: An Empirical Study of Estimation and Optimization"
Gustavo Vulcano
Wassim Chaar

Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2010

Type: Journal article

""Big Data" vs. Quality Information: The Peculiarities of Information Markets"

The European Business Review, 2013

Type: Magazine article

"Customer-Base Analysis on a "Data Diet": Model Inference Using Repeated Cross-Sectional Summary (RCSS) Data"
Peter Fader
Bruce G. S. Hardie


Type: Working paper