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Title Author(s) Publication Information
"Effects of induced moods on economic choices"
Steven J. Stanton
Scott A. Huettel
Kevin S. LaBar

Judgment and Decision Making, 2014

Type: Journal article

"Optimization in Online Content Recommendation Services: Beyond Click-Through-Rates"
Yonatan Gur

Manufacturing & Service Operations, 2016

Type: Journal article

"A Bayesian Semiparametric Approach for Endogeneity and Heterogeneity in Choice Models"
Yang Li

Management Science, 2014

Type: Journal article

"Temporal Profiles of Instant Utility During Anticipation, Event, and Recall"
Manel Baucells

Management Science, 2017

Type: Journal article

"Slow Pass-through Around the World: A New Import for Developing Countries?"
Jeffrey Frankel
David Parsley

Open Economies Review, 2011

Type: Journal article

""Be Careless with That!" Availability of Product Upgrades Increases Cavalier Behavior toward Possessions"
Joshua Ackerman
F. Gino

Journal of Marketing Research, 2017

Type: Journal article

"Macro Risks and the Term Structure of Interest Rates"
Eric Engstrom
Andrey Ermolov

Journal of Financial Economics, 2018

Type: Forthcoming article

"Auctions in the Online Display Advertising Chain: A Case for Independent Campaign Management"
Amine Allouah


Type: Working paper

"The dark side of experiencing job autonomy: Unethical behavior"
Jackson Lu
Yoav Vardi
Ely Weitz

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2017

Type: Journal article

"Psychological Targeting as an Effective Approach to Digital Mass Persuasion"
M. Kosinski
G. Nave
D. Stillwell

PNAS, 2017

Type: Journal article